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I begin by remembering the wonderful, mystical satisfaction of stretching my arms up to the piano and bringing forth not a melody. Far from it! No, it had to be a chord. First a third, then a fifth, then a seventh and finally, both hands helping – Oh joy! When I had discovered this, my rapture knew no bounds. That was a success! Nothing since has been able to elate me so profoundly as this.

I was not the most disciplined person when marching to someone else’s drum, preferring to discover the music myself. Instead of compulsory lessons, I preferred to improvise and play while discovering the expression from behind a hidden channel. However, despite a certain amount of reluctance, my love for music grew into what was to become, in my innermost spirit, the right thing to do in life. To make music that enriches feelings of truth, beauty and love.

Thank you for engaging in this journey and I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience.

Yours truly,

William Cunningham